99-98 R. Carretero-Gonz\'alez, D.K. Arrowsmith and F. Vivaldi
Mode-locking in Coupled Map Lattices (205K, 14 pages, RevTeX, 2 Postscript files containing 10 figures) Apr 2, 99
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Abstract. We study propagation of pulses along one-way {\cmls}, which originate from the transition between two superstable states of the local map. The velocity of the pulses exhibits a staircase-like behaviour as the coupling parameter is varied. For a piece-wise linear local map, we prove that the velocity of the wave has a Devil's staircase dependence on the coupling parameter. A wave travelling with rational velocity is found to be stable to parametric perturbations in a manner akin to rational mode-locking for circle maps. We provide evidence that mode-locking is also present for a broader range of maps and couplings.

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