99-94 R. Carretero-Gonz\'alez, S. {\O}rstavik, J. Huke, D.S. Broomhead and J. Stark
Thermodynamic limit from small lattices of coupled maps (297K, 4 pages, RevTeX, 4 Postscript figures) Apr 2, 99
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Abstract. We compare the behaviour of a small truncated coupled map lattice with random inputs at the boundaries with that of a large deterministic lattice essentially at the thermodynamic limit. We find exponential convergence for the probability density, predictability, power spectrum, and two-point correlation with increasing truncated lattice size. This suggests that spatio-temporal embedding techniques using local observations cannot detect the presence of spatial extent in such systems and hence they may equally well be modelled by a local low dimensional stochastically driven system.

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