99-459 Fritz Gesztesy and Konstantin A. Makarov
The $\Xi$ Operator and its Relation to Krein's Spectral Shift Function (114K, LaTeX) Dec 1, 99
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Abstract. We explore connections between Krein's spectral shift function $\xi(\lambda,H_0,H)$ associated with the pair of self-adjoint operators $(H_0,H)$, $H=H_0+V$ in a Hilbert space $\calH$ and the recently introduced concept of a spectral shift operator $\Xi(J+K^*(H_0-\lambda-i0)^{-1}K)$ associated with the operator-valued Herglotz function $J+K^*(H_0-z)^{-1}K$, $\Im(z)>0$ in $\calH$, where $V=KJK^*$ and $J=\sgn(V)$. Our principal results include a new representation for $\xi(\lambda,H_0,H)$ in terms of an averaged index for the Fredholm pair of self-adjoint spectral projections $(E_{J+A(\lambda)+tB(\lambda)}((-\infty,0)),E_J((-\infty,0)))$, $t\in\bbR$, where $A(\lambda)=\Re(K^*(H_0-\lambda-i0)^{-1}K)$, $B(\lambda)=\Im(K^*(H_0-\lambda-i0)^{-1}K)$ a.e.~Moreover, introducing the new concept of a trindex for a pair of operators $(A,P)$ in $\calH$, where $A$ is bounded and $P$ is an orthogonal projection, we prove that $\xi(\lambda,H_0,H)$ coincides with the trindex associated with the pair $(\Xi(J+K^*(H_0-\lambda-i0)^{-1}K),\Xi(J))$. In addition, we discuss a variant of the Birman-Krein formula relating the trindex of a pair of $\Xi$-operators and the Fredholm determinant of the abstract scattering matrix. We also provide a generalization of the classical Birman-Schwinger principle, replacing the traditional eigenvalue counting functions by appropriate spectral shift functions. This an extended version of a previously archived manuscript.

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