99-445 George A. Hagedorn, Alain Joye
Exponentially Accurate Semiclassical Dynamics: Propagation, Localization, Ehrenfest Times, Scattering, and More General States (479K, postscript) Nov 26, 99
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Abstract. We prove six theorems concerning exponentially accurate semiclassical quantum mechanics. Two of these theorems are known results, but have new proofs. Under appropriate hypotheses, they conclude that the exact and approximate dynamics of an initially localized wave packet agree up to exponentially small errors in $\hbar$ for finite times and for Ehrenfest times. Two other theorems state that for such times the wave packets are localized near a classical orbit up to exponentially small errors. The fifth theorem deals with infinite times and states an exponentially accurate scattering result. The sixth theorem provides extensions of the other five by allowing more general initial conditions.

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