99-438 Bernhard Baumgartner, Jan Philip Solovej, and Jakob Yngvason
Atoms in strong magnetic fields:The high field limit at fixed nuclear charge (61K, LaTex) Nov 19, 99
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Abstract. Let $E(B,Z,N)$ denote the ground state energy of an atom with $N$ electrons and nuclear charge $Z$ in a homogeneous magnetic field $B$. We study the asymptotics of $E(B,Z,N)$ as $B\to \infty$ with $N$ and $Z$ fixed but arbitrary. It is shown that the leading term has the form $(\ln B)^2 e(Z,N)$, where $e(Z,N)$ is the ground state energy of a system of $N$ {\em bosons} with delta interactions in {\em one} dimension. This extends and refines previously known results for $N=1$ on the one hand, and $N,Z\to\infty$ with $B/Z^3\to\infty$ on the other hand.

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