99-408 Christoph Bohle
Killing Spinors on Lorentzian Manifolds (310K, postscript) Oct 27, 99
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Abstract. The aim of this paper is to describe some results concerning the geometry of Lorentzian manifolds admitting Killing spinors. We prove that there are imaginary Killing spinors on simply connected Lorentzian Einstein--Sasaki manifolds. In the Riemannian case, an odd--dimensional complete simply connected manifold (of dimension $n\neq7$) is Einstein--Sasaki if and only if it admits a non-trivial Killing spinor to $\lambda = \pm\frac12$. The analogous result does not hold in the Lorentzian case. We give an example of a non--Einstein Lorentzian manifold admitting an imaginary Killing spinor. A Lorentzian manifold admitting a real Killing spinor is at least locally a codimension one warped product with a special warping function. The fiber of the warped product is either a Riemannian manifold with a real or imaginary Killing spinor or with a parallel spinor, or it again is a Lorentzian manifold with a real Killing spinor. Conversely, all warped products of that form admit real Killing spinors.

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