99-252 Yuri Kozitsky
Quantum Effects in Lattice Models of Vector Anharmonic Oscillators (31K, LaTeX) Jul 1, 99
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Abstract. A lattice model of $d$-dimensional quantum anharmonic oscillators with a polynomial anharmonicity and a ferroelectric interaction is considered. For arbitrary $d\in {I\!\! N}$, it is shown that the critical fluctuations of the position operator, peculiar to the critical point, are suppressed at all temperatures provided the particles are "strongly quantum". The latter means that for the corresponding one-dimensional model, the smallest distance between the energy levels of the isolated oscillator is large enough or that the reduced mass of the oscillator is less than some threshold value depending on the anharmonicity parameters. These results are the extension to the vector case of the statements obtained recently in \cite{[00]} and \cite{[0]} regarding such effects in similar lattice models.

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