99-220 D. Ruelle
Natural nonequilibrium states in quantum statistical mechanics. (44K, Plain TeX with one ps figure) Jun 7, 99
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Abstract. A quantum spin system is discussed, where a heat flow between infinite reservoirs takes place in a finite region. A time dependent force may also be acting. Our analysis is based on a simple technical assumption concerning the time evolution of infinite quantum spin systems. This assumption, physically natural but currently proved for few specific systems only, says that quantum information diffuses in space-time in such a way that the time integral of the commutator of local observables converges: $\int_{-\infty}^0dt\,||[B,\alpha^tA]||<\infty$. In this setup one can define a natural nonequilibrium state. In the time independent case, this nonequilibrium state retains some of the analyticity which characterizes KMS equilibrium states. A linear response formula is also obtained which remains true far from equilibrium. The formalism presented here does not cover situations where (for time independent forces) the time translation invariance and uniqueness of the natural nonequilibrium state are broken.

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