99-18 T. Michoel, A. Verbeure
Goldstone Boson Normal Coordinates in Interacting Bose Gases (74K, Latex2e) Jan 19, 99
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Abstract. For the phenomenon of Bose-Einstein condensation we construct the canonical pair of field operators of the Goldstone Bosons explicitly as fluctuation operators in the ground state. We consider the imperfect Bose gas as well as the weakly interacting Bose gas. We prove that a canonical pair of fluctuation operators is always related to the order parameter and the generator of the broken symmetry fluctuations. We find that although the first one has an anomalous behaviour, the second one is squeezed by the same inverse rate. Furthermore we prove that this canonical pair separates from the other variables of the system and that it behaves dynamically as oscillator variables. Finally the long wavelength behaviour of the spectrum determines the lifetime of this pair.

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