99-171 Patrick Grosfils,Jean Pierre Boon,E.G.D. Cohen,L.A. Bunimovich
Propagation and organization in lattice random media (285K, ps.tar.gz) May 14, 99
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Abstract. We show that a signal can propagate in a particular direction through a model random medium regardless of the precise state of the medium. As a prototype, we consider a point particle moving on a one-dimensional lattice whose sites are occupied by scatterers with the following properties: (i) the state of each site is defined by its {\em spin} (up or down); (ii) the particle arriving at a site is scattered forward (backward) if the spin is up (down); (iii) the state of the site is modified by the passage of the particle, i.e. the spin of the site where a scattering has taken place, flips ($\uparrow \Leftrightarrow \downarrow $). We consider one dimensional and triangular lattices, for which we give a microscopic description of the dynamics, prove the propagation of a particle through the scatterers, and compute analytically its statistical properties. In particular we prove that, in one dimension, the average propagation velocity is $\langle c(q) \rangle = 1/(3-2q)$, with $q$ the probability that a site has a spin $\uparrow$, and, in the triangular lattice, the average propagation velocity is independent of the scatterers distribution: $\langle c \rangle = 1/8$. In both cases, the origin of the propagation is a blocking mechanism, restricting the motion of the particle in the direction opposite to the ultimate propagation direction, and there is a specific re-organization of the spins after the passage of the particle. A detailed mathematical analysis of this phenomenon is, to the best of our knowledge, presented here for the first time.

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