99-156 Veronique Maume-Deschamps
Projective metrics and mixing properties on towers (218K, ps file) May 9, 99
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Abstract. We study decay of correlations for towers. Using Birkhoff's projective metrics, we obtain a rate of mixing of the form: $c_n (f,g) \leq \/ \mbox{Ct} \ \a(n) \/ \Vert f \Vert \/ \Vert g \Vert_1$ where $\a(n)$ goes to zero in a way related to the asymptotic mass of upper floors, $\Vert f\Vert$ is some Lipschitz norm and $\Vert g \Vert_1$ is some $L^1$ norm. The fact that the dependence on $g$ is given by a $L^1$ norm is useful to study asymptotic laws of successive entrance times.

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