99-14 Barbara Gentz, Matthias Loewe
Fluctuations in the Hopfield Model at the critical temperature (332K, Postscript) Jan 12, 99
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Abstract. We investigate the fluctuations of the order parameter in the Hopfield model of spin glasses and neural networks at the critical temperature $1/\beta_c=1$. The number of patterns $M(N)$ is allowed to grow with the number $N$ of spins but the growth rate is subject to the constraint $M(N)^{15}/N\to 0$. As the system size $N$ increases, on a set of large probability the distribution of the appropriately scaled order parameter under the Gibbs measure comes arbitrarily close (in a metric which generates the weak topology) to a non-Gaussian measure which depends on the realization of the random patterns. This random measure is given explicitly by its (random) density.

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