99-127 Daniel Bessis, G. Andrei Mezincescu
Design of semiconductor heterostructures with preset electron reflectance by inverse scattering techniques (141K, Latex2.9 with one PS figure) Apr 23, 99
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Abstract. We present the application of the inverse scattering method to the design of semiconductor heterostructures having a preset dependence of the (conduction) electrons' reflectance on the energy. The electron dynamics are described by either the effective mass Schroedinger, or by the (variable mass) BenDaniel and Duke equations. The problem of phase (re)construction for the complex transmission and reflection coefficients is solved by a combination of Pade approximant techniques, obtaining reference solutions with simple analytic properties. Reflectance-preserving transformations allow bound state and reflection resonance management. The inverse scattering problem for the Schroedinger equation is solved using an algebraic approach due to Sabatier. This solution can be mapped unitarily onto a family of BenDaniel and Duke type equations. The boundary value problem for the nonlinear equation which determines the mapping is discussed in some detail. The chemical concentration profile of heterostructures whose self consistent potential yields the desired reflectance is solved completely in the case of Schroedinger dynamics and approximately for Ben-Daniel and Duke dynamics. The Appendix contains a brief digest of results from scattering and inverse scattering theory for the one-dimensional Schr\"odinger equation which are used in the paper.

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