99-103 M. P. B\'eccar Varela, M. C. Caputo, M. B. Ferraro, P. Lazzeretti,M. C. Mariani,D. Rial
Some mathematical properties of gauge transformations with respect to the Coulomb's gauge: variational analysis of an energy functional (55K, Latex) Apr 8, 99
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Abstract. As gauge invariance of computed magnetic properties, usually partitioned into diamagnetic and paramagnetic terms, is not achieved within the algebraic approximation, unless {\sl ad hoc} techniques are adopted, a general variational treatment is analyzed, attempting to minimize the term more difficult to evaluate accurately, i.e., the paramagnetic contribution to magnetic susceptibility, by means of a gauge transformation. It is shown that an absolute minimum in a variational sense cannot be determined a priori. However, a `local' minimum of the paramagnetic contribution to magnetic susceptibility can be arrived at by employing general gauge transformations of polynomial form.

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