98-729 F.Bentosela, P. Exner, V.A. Zagrebnov
Anomalous electron trapping by magnetic flux tubes and electric current vortices (19K, LaTeX) Nov 26, 98
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Abstract. We consider an electron with an anomalous magnetic moment, g>2, confined to a plane and interacting with a nonhomogeneous magnetic field B, and investigate the corresponding Pauli Hamiltonian. We prove a lower bound on the number of bound states for the case when B is of a compact support and the related flux is N+\epsilon, \epsilon\in(0,1]. In particular, there are at least N+1 bound states if B does not change sign. We also consider the situation where the magnetic field is due to a localized rotationally symmetric electric current vortex in the plane. In this case the flux is zero; there is a pair of bound states for a weak coupling, and higher orbital-momentum ``spin-down" states appearing as the current strength increases. [This text will appear in Proceedings of QMath7, Prague 1997 -- the final version replacing mp_arc 98-695].

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