98-698 C. Borgs, J. De Conninck, R. Kotecky
An equilibrium lattice model of wetting on rough substrates (1656K, Postscript) Nov 4, 98
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Abstract. We consider a semi-infinite 3-dimensional Ising system with a rough wall to describe the effect of the roughness $r$ of the substrate on wetting. We show that the difference of wall free energies $\Delta \tau (r)=\tau_{AW}(r)-\tau_{BW}(r)$ of the two phases behaves like $\Delta \tau(r) \sim r \Delta \tau(1)$, where $r=1$ characterizes a purely flat surface, confirming thus, at low enough temperature and small roughness, the validity of the Wenzel's law $\cos \theta (r) \approx r \cos \theta (1)$ which relates the contact angle $\theta $ of a sessile droplet with the roughness of the substrate.

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