98-609 V.A. Malyshev
Probability around the Quantum Gravity. Part 1: Planar Pure Gravity. (483K, Postscript) Sep 17, 98
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Abstract. In this paper we study stochastic dynamics which leaves quantum gravity equilibrium distribution invariant. We start theoretical study of this dynamics (earlier it was only used for Monte-Carlo simulation). Main new results concern the existence and properties of local correlation functions in the thermodynamic limit. The study of dynamics constitutes a third part of the series of papers where more general class of processes were studied (but it is self-contained), those processes have some universal significance in probability and they cover most concrete processes, also they have many examples in computer science and biology. At the same time the paper can serve an introduction to quantum gravity for a probabilist: we give a rigorous exposition of quantum gravity in the planar pure gravity case. Mostly we use combinatorial techniques, instead of more popular in physics random matrix models, the central point is the famous $\alpha =-\frac{7}{2}$ exponent.

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