98-605 Michael Aizenman and Almut Burchard
H\"older Regularity and Dimension Bounds for Random Curves (204K, Latex (2e) with EPSF figures) Sep 14, 98
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Abstract. Random systems of curves exhibiting fluctuating features on arbitrarily small scales ($\delta$) are often encountered in critical models. For such systems it is shown that scale-invariant bounds on the probabilities of crossing events imply that typically all the realized curves admit H\"older continuous parametrizations with a common exponent and a common random pre\-factor, which in the scaling limit ($\delta\to 0$) remains stochastically bounded. The regularity is used for the construction of scaling limits, formulated in terms of probability measures on the space of closed sets of curves. Under the hypotheses presented here the limiting measures are supported on sets of curves which are H\"older continuous but not rectifiable, and have Hausdorff dimensions strictly greater than one. The hypotheses are known to be satisfied in certain two dimensional percolation models. Other potential applications are also mentioned.

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