98-52 Bros J., Epstein H., Moschella U.
Analyticity properties and thermal effects for general quantum field theory on de Sitter space-time. (128K, LATeX 2e) Feb 9, 98
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Abstract. We propose a general framework for quantum field theory on the de Sitter space-time (i.e. for local field theories whose truncated Wightman functions are not required to vanish). By requiring that the fields satisfy a {\em weak spectral condition}, formulated in terms of the analytic continuation properties of their Wightman functions, we show that a geodesical observer will detect in the corresponding ``vacuum'' a blackbody radiation at temperature $T={1}/{2\pi R}$. We also prove the analogues of the PCT, Reeh-Schlieder and Bisognano-Wichmann theorems.

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