98-510 Bolina O., Marchetti D.H.U.
The Falicov-Kimball Model with Long--Range Hopping Matrices (81K, Latex) Jul 15, 98
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Abstract. The ground state nature of the Falicov-Kimball model with unconstrained hopping of electrons is investigated. We solve the eigenvalue problem in a pedagogical manner and give a complete account of the ground state energy both as a function of the number of electrons and nuclei and as a function of the total number of particles for any value of interaction $U\in \R $. We also study the energy gap and show the existence of a phase transition characterized by the absence of gap at the half--filled band for $U<0$. The model in consideration was proposed and solved by Farkas\u ovsky \cite{F} for finite lattices and repulsive on-site interaction $U>0$. Contrary to his proposal we conveniently scale the hopping matrix to guarantee the existence of the thermodynamic limit. We also solve this model with bipartite unconstrained hopping matrices in order to compare with the Kennedy--Lieb variational analysis \cite{KL}.

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