98-402 Detlev Buchholz, Olaf Dreyer, Martin Florig, Stephen J. Summers
Geometric Modular Action and Spacetime Symmetry Groups (284K, AmsTex) May 29, 98
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Abstract. A condition of geometric modular action is proposed as a selection principle for physically interesting states on general space-times. This condition is naturally associated with transformation groups of partially ordered sets and provides these groups with projective representations. Under suitable additional conditions, these groups induce groups of point transformations on these space-times, which may be interpreted as symmetry groups. The consequences of this condition are studied in detail in application to two concrete space-times -- four-dimensional Minkowski and three-dimensional de Sitter spaces -- for which it is shown how this condition characterizes the states invariant under the respective isometry group. An intriguing new algebraic characterization of vacuum states is given. In addition, the logical relations between the condition proposed in this paper and the condition of modular covariance, widely used in the literature, are completely illuminated.

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