98-349 F. G\"ohmann, A.G. Izergin, V.E. Korepin, A.G. Pronko
Time and temperature dependent correlation functions of the 1D impenetrable electron gas (67K, Latex) May 15, 98
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Abstract. We consider the one-dimensional delta-interacting electron gas in the case of infinite repulsion. We use determinant representations to study the long time, large distance asymptotics of correlation functions of local fields in the gas phase. We derive differential equations which drive the correlation functions. Using a related Riemann-Hilbert problem we obtain formulae for the asymptotics of the correlation functions, which are valid at all finite temperatures. At low temperatures these formulae lead to explicit asymptotic expressions for the correlation functions, which describe power law behavior and exponential decay as functions of temperature, magnetic field and chemical potential.

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