98-269 F. Bonetto, N.I. Chernov, J.L. Lebowitz
Global and Local) Fluctuations of Phase Space Contraction in Deterministic Stationary Non-equilibrium (287K, ps) Apr 10, 98
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Abstract. We studied numerically the validity of the fluctuation theorem introduced in \cita{ECM2}\cita{GC} for a 2-dimensional system of particles maintained in a steady shear flow by Maxwell daemon boundary conditions \cita{CL}. The theorem was found to hold if one considers the total phase space contraction $\sigma$ occuring at collisions with both walls: $\sigma=\sigma^\su+\sigma^\giu$. An attempt to extend it to more local quantities $\sigma^\su$ and $\sigma^\giu$, corresponding to the collisions with the top or bottom wall only, gave negative results. The time decay of the correlations in $\sigma^{\su,\giu}$ was very slow compared to that of $\sigma$.

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