98-210 Andrea CARATI, Luigi GALGANI
Nonlocality of classical electrodynamics of point particles, and violation of Bell`s inequalities. (58K, plain TeX) Mar 19, 98
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Abstract. We show that Bell's inequalities are violated in a model of two charged particles interacting with two potential barriers, which mimic the measuring instruments; the motion of each particle is described by the \ALD equation in the nonrelativistic version, and the role of the hidden variables is played by the initial accelerations. The essential nonlocality property of the system is induced by the celebrated Dirac's nonrunaway condition, which makes the measuring instruments have a certain influence on the observed system, by determining the domain of definition of the hidden variable (the Bopp--Haag phenomenon). So this model strongly supports E. Nelson's suggestion, namely that nonlocality properties suited to violate Bell's inequalities appear in classical field theories when regularizing cutoffs are removed.

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