98-101 Valeri V. Dvoeglazov (EFUAZ)
Self/Anti-Self Charge Conjugate States for j=1/2 and j=1 (30K, ReVTeX) Feb 28, 98
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Abstract. We briefly review recent achievements in the theory of neutral particles (the Majorana-McLennan-Case-Ahluwalia construct for self/anti-self charge conjugate states for j=1/2 and j=1 cases). Among new results we present a theoretical construct in which a fermion and an antifermion have the same intrinsic parity; discuss phase transformations and find relations between the Majorana-like field operator \nu, given by Ahluwalia, and the Dirac field operator. Also we give explicit forms of the j=1 ``spinors" in the Majorana representation.

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