97-443 Mi-Ae Park, M. H. Lee, Yong-Jihn Kim
Impurity scattering in a d-wave superconductor (65K, PlainTex) Aug 12, 97
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Abstract. The influence of (non-magnetic and magnetic) impurities on the transition temperature of a d-wave superconductor is studied anew within the framework of BCS theory. Pairing interaction decreases linearly with the impurity concentration. Accordingly $T_{c}$ suppression is proportional to the (potential or exchange) scattering rate, $1/\tau$, due to impurities. The initial slope versus $1/\tau$ is found to depend on the superconductor contrary to Abrikosov-Gor'kov type theory. Near the critical impurity concentration $T_{c}$ drops abruptly to zero. Because the potential scattering rate is generally much larger than the exchange scattering rate, magnetic impurities will also act as non-magnetic impurities as far as the $T_{c}$ decrease is concerned. The implication for the impurity doping effect in high $T_{c}$ superconductors is also discussed.

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