96-585 Pereira E., Procacci A.
Block Renormalization Group in a Formalism with Lattice Wavelets: Correlation Function Formulas for Interacting Fermions (46K, LaTeX) Nov 22, 96
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Abstract. Searching for a general and technically simple multi-scale formalism to treat interacting fermions, we develop a (Wilson-Kadanoff) block renormalization group mechanism, which, due to the property of ``orthogonality between scales'', establishes a trivial link between the correlation functions and the effective potential flow, leading to simple expressions for the generating and correlation functions. Everything is based on the existence of ``special configurations'' (lattice wavelets) for multi-scale problems: using a simple linear change of variables relating the initial fields to these configurations we establish the formalism. The algebraic formulas show a perfect parallel with those obtained for bosonic problems, considered in previous works.

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