96-579 Parreira J. R., Bolina O., Perez J. F.
Neel Order in the Ground State of Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic chains with Long Range Interactions (15K, LaTeX) Nov 20, 96
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Abstract. We consider the ground state of one-dimensional antiferromagnets with long range interactions with Hamiltonian given by $$ H=\sum_{x} \sum_{n} (-1)^{n} J(n) {\bf S}_{x}.{\bf S}_{x+n} $$ where $J(n)=n^{-\alpha}$, with $J>0$. We prove N\'eel order for all $1<\alpha<3$ if the spins $s$ is sufficiently large. We also prove the absence of long range order when $\alpha>3$ for any spin value.

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