96-56 Maes C. , Vande Velde K.
Relative energies for non-Gibbsian states (47K, LaTeX) Mar 5, 96
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Abstract. We investigate the suggestion of R.L. Dobrushin, that for many examples ofnon-Gibbsian measures, a well-defined interaction potential can still be derived. Such an interaction cannot be absolutely summable, uniformly in all configurations. Rather there will exist a typical set of configurationson which the interaction decays sufficiently. We are showing how to complete this program, using quite elementary methods,for the example of the restriction of the Ising pure phases to one layer of the lattice. We also treat the Ising pure phases under Kadanoff transformation with block-size one and a toy model. We sketch a general setup, showing that there is an intimate relation between the problem treated here and the decay of correlations in certain disordered systems.

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