96-50 Federico Bonetto, Giovanni Gallavotti
Reversibility, coarse graining and the chaoticity principle (159K, Postscript) Feb 27, 96
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Abstract. We describe a way of interpreting the chaotic principle of ref. [GC1] more extensively than it was meant in the original works. Mathematically the analysis is based on the dynamical notions of Axiom A and Axiom B and on the notion of Axiom C, that we introduce arguing that it is suggested by the results of an experiment (ref. [BGG]) on chaotic motions. Physically we interpret a breakdown of the Anosov property of a time reversible attractor (replaced, as a control parameter changes, by an Axiom A property) as a spontaneous breakdown of the time reversal symmetry: the relation between time reversal and the symmetry that remains after the breakdown is analogous to the breakdown of $T$-invariance while $TCP$ still holds.

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