96-393 Sagar A. Pandit, Anil D. Gangal
On Generalized Nambu Mechanics (50K, ReVTeX) Aug 31, 96
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Abstract. A geometric formulation of a generalization of Nambu mechanics is proposed. This formulation is carried out, wherever possible, in analogy with that of Hamiltonian systems. In this formulation, a strictly nondegenerate constant 3-form is attached to a 3n- dimensional phase space. Time evolution is governed by two Nambu functions. A Poisson bracket of 2-forms is introduced, which provides a Lie-algebra structure on the space of 2-forms. This formalism is shown to provide a suitable framework for the descrip tion of non-integrable fluid flow such as the Arter flow, the Chandrashekhar flow and of the coupled rigid bodies.

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