96-336 Schmitt T.
Supergeometry and Quantum Field Theory, or: What is a Classical Configuration? (176K, LateX2E + AMSLaTeX) Jul 16, 96
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Abstract. We discuss of the conceptual difficulties connected with the anticommutativity of classical fermion fields, and we argue that the "space" of all classical configurations of a model with such fields should be described as an infinite-dimensional supermanifold M. We discuss the two main approaches to supermanifolds, and we examine the reasons why many physicists tend to prefer the Rogers approach although the Berezin-Kostant-Leites approach is the more fundamental one. We develop the infinite-dimensional variant of the latter, and we show that the functionals on classical configurations considered in a previous paper are nothing but superfunctions on M. We present a programme for future mathematical work, which applies to any classical field model with fermion fields. This programme is (partially) implemented in successor papers.

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