96-323 Daniel Bessis, Giorgio Mantica, G. Andrei Mezincescu, and Daniel Vrinceanu
Electron Wave Filters from Inverse Scattering Theory (56K, postscript file (4 pages)) Jul 2, 96
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Abstract. Semiconductor heterostructures with prescribed energy dependence of the transmittance can be designed by combining: {\em a)} Pad\'e approximant reconstruction of the S-matrix; {\em b)} inverse scattering theory for Schro\"dinger's equation; {\em c)} a unitary transformation which takes into account the variable mass effects. The resultant continuous concentration profile can be digitized into an easily realizable rectangular-wells structure. For illustration, we give the specifications of a 2 narrow band-pass 12 layer $Al_cGa_{1-c}As$ filter with the high energy peak more than {\em twice narrower} than the other.

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