96-289 Belyaev V.B., Motovilov A.K.
Perturbation of Embedded Eigenvalue by a Near-Lying Resonance. Report-no: JINR E4-96-201. Submitted to Teoreticheskaya i Matematicheskaya Fizika (Theor. Math. Phys.) 24 pages, RevTeX style (77K, LaTeX) Jun 16, 96
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Abstract. The case of quantum-mechanical system (including electronic molecules) is considered where Hamiltonian allows a separation, in particular by the Faddeev method, of a weakly coupled channel. Width (i.~e.~ the imaginary part) of the resonance generated by a discrete spectrum eigenvalue of the separated channel is studied in the case where main part of the Hamiltonian gives itself another resonance. It is shown that if real parts of these resonances coincide and, at the same time, a coupling between the separated and main channels is sufficiently small then the width of the resonance generated by the separated (molecular) channel is inversely proportional to the width of the main (nuclear) channel resonance. This phenomenon being a kind of universal law, may play an important role increasing the ``cold fusion'' probability in electronic molecules whose nuclear constituents have narrow pre-threshold resonances.

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