96-287 Motovilov A.K.
REPRESENTATIONS FOR THREE-BODY T-MATRIX ON UNPHYSICAL SHEETS (Part I). To appear in Teoreticheskaya i Matematicheskaya Fizika, 1996 (English translation in Theor. Math. Phys.), 24 pages (118K, LaTeX) Jun 16, 96
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Abstract. Explicit representations are formulated for the Faddeev components of three-body $T$-matrix continued analytically on unphysical sheets of the energy Riemann surface. According to the representations, the $T$-matrix on unphysical sheets is obviously expressed in terms of its components taken on the physical sheet only. The representations for $T$-matrix are used then to construct similar representations for analytical continuation of three-body scattering matrices and resolvent. Domains on unphysical sheets are described where the representations obtained can be applied.

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