96-151 Iftimovici A.
Hard-core scattering for $N\/$-body systems (177K, LaTeX 2.09) Apr 24, 96
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Abstract. We prove propagation properties (maximal and minimal velocity bounds) for pseudo-resolvents associated to $N\/$-body hamiltonians with short-range potentials that are infinite on a star-shaped domain centred at the origin. Motivated by the fact that the invariance principle holds for usual \mbox{$N\/$-body} systems, we define the cluster wave operators in terms of pseudo-resolvents and prove that they exist and are asymptotically complete. For any cluster decomposition $a$, these operators intertwine the hard-core pseudo-selfadjoint hamiltonians corresponding to the pair of pseudo-resolvents $R$, $R_{a}$, and equal the Abel operators constructed in terms of hamiltonians.

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