96-108 Netrusov Y., Weidl T.
On Lieb-Thirring inequalities for higher order operators with critical and subcritical powers (47K, amslatex) Mar 27, 96
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Abstract. Let e_k denote the negative eigenvalues of the operator % H_l(V)u:=(-Delta)^l u-V(x)u, V geq 0, x in R^d % on L_2(R^d). We prove the two-sided estimate % A(d,l) int V(x)dx leq sum_k |e_k|^{1-q} leq B(d,l) int V(x)dx % for q=d/2l<1. We discuss bounds on the Riesz means sum_k |e_k|^p if 0<p<1-q.

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