95-522 Pavel Exner
Weakly coupled states on branching graphs (21K, LaTeX) Dec 11, 95
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Abstract. We consider a Schr\"odinger particle on a graph consisting of $\,N\,$ links joined at a single point. Each link supports a real locally integrable potential $\,V_j\,$; the self--adjointness is ensured by the $\,\delta\,$ type boundary condition at the vertex. If all the links are semiinfinite and ideally coupled, the potential decays as $\,x^{-1-\epsilon}$ along each of them, is non--repulsive in the mean and weak enough, the corresponding Schr\"odinger operator has a single negative eigenvalue; we find its asymptotic behavior. We also derive a bound on the number of bound states and explain how the $\,\delta\,$ coupling constant may be interpreted in terms of a family of squeezed potentials.

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