95-498 L. Alonso, R. Cerf
The three dimensional polyominoes of minimal area (1247K, uuencoded tarfile containing 7 compressed postscript files) Nov 20, 95
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Abstract. The set of the three dimensional polyominoes of minimal area and of volume~$n$ contains a polyomino which is the union of a quasicube $j\times (j+\delta)\times (j+\theta)$, $\delta,\theta\in\{0,1\}$, a quasisquare $l\times (l+\epsilon)$, $\epsilon\in\{0,1\}$, and a bar $k$. This shape is naturally associated to the unique decomposition of~$n=j(j+\delta)(j+\theta)+l(l+\epsilon)+k$ as the sum of a maximal quasicube, a maximal quasisquare and a bar. For~$n$ a quasicube plus a quasisquare, or a quasicube minus one, the minimal polyominoes are reduced to these shapes. The minimal area is explicitly computed and yields a discrete isoperimetric inequality. These variational problems are the key for finding the path of escape from the metastable state for the three dimensional Ising model at very low temperatures.

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