95-471 Cesi F, Guadagni G, Martinelli F, Schonmann R
On the 2D Stochastic Ising Model in the Phase Coexistence Region Near the Critical Point (369K, PS) Nov 2, 95
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Abstract. We consider the two dimensional stochastic Ising model in finite square $\L$ with free boundary conditions, at inverse temperature $\b>\b_c$ and zero external field. Using duality and recent results of Ioffe on the Wulff construction close to the critical temperature, we extend some of the results obtained by one of us (F.M.) in the low temperature regime, to any temperature below the critical one. In particular we show that the gap in the spectrum of the generator of the dynamics goes to zero in the thermodynamic limit as an exponential of the sidelength of $\L$, with a rate constant determined by the surface tension along one of the coordinate axes. We also extend to the same range of temperatures the result due to Shlosman on the equilibrium large deviations of the magnetization with free boundary conditions.

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