95-358 Alain JOYE
Exponential Asymptotics in a Singular Limit for $n$-Level Scattering Systems (99K, Latex) Jul 7, 95
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Abstract. The singular limit $\eps\ra 0$ of the $S$-matrix associated with the equation $i\eps d\psi(t)/dt=H(t)\psi(t)$ is considered, where the analytic generator $H(t)\in M_n(\C)$ is such that its spectrum is real and non-degenerate for all $t\in\R$. Sufficient conditions allowing to compute asymptotic formulas for the exponentially small off-diagonal elements of the $S$-matrix as $\eps\ra 0$ are explicited and a wide class of generators for which these conditions are verified is defined. These generators are obtained by means of generators whose spectrum exhibits eigenvalue crossings which are perturbed in such a way that these crossings turn to avoided crossings. The exponentially small asymptotic formulas which are derived are shown to be valid up to exponentially small relative error, by means of a joint application of the complex WKB method together with superasymptotic renormalization. The application of these results to the study of quantum adiabatic transitions in the time dependent Schr\"odinger equation and of the semiclassical scattering properties of the multichannel stationary Schr\"odinger equation closes this paper. The results presented here are a generalization to $n$-level systems, $n\geq 2$, of results previously known for $2$-level systems only.

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