95-30 Broidioi M. , Van Canneyt M.
Scaling of Fluctuations and Critical Exponents (35K, LaTeX) Jan 25, 95
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Abstract. We present a new technique to describe the abnormal behaviour of certain fluctuation observables in the critical regime of quantum statistical systems which undergo a phase transition. The idea is to rescale the local fluctuation operators by a relevant external parameter of the system, in addition to the usual scaling with the inverse square root of the volume. The scaling indices used in this scaling procedure are directly related to the critical exponents. Furthermore, it is explained that this new method of scaling preserves the CCR structure of the algebra of macroscopic fluctuations. Finally, scaling indices are computed for the relevant microscopic observables at all temperatures in a mean field approximation for a quantum anharmonic crystal. These indices yield the same critical exponents as predicted by mean field theory.

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