95-2 Vladimir V. Kisil
Connection between Different Function Theories in Clifford Analysis (29K, LaTeX2e) Jan 3, 95
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Abstract. We describe an explicit connection between solutions to equations $Df=0$ (the Generalized Cauchy-Riemann equation) and $(D+M)f=0$, where operators $D$ and $M$ commute. The described connection allows to construct a ``function theory'' (the Cauchy theorem, the Cauchy integral, the Taylor and Laurent series etc.) for solutions of the second equation from the known function theory for solution of the first (generalized Cauchy-Riemann) equation. As well known, many physical equations related to the orthogonal group of rotations or the Lorentz group (the Dirac equation, the Maxwell equation etc.) can be naturally formulated in terms of the Clifford algebra. For them our approach gives an explicit connection between solutions with zero and non-zero mass (or external fields) and provides with a family of formulas for calculations. \keywords{Dirac equation with mass, Clifford analysis.} \AMSMSC{30G35}{34L40, 81Q05}

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