95-14 Jorba A., Ramirez-Ros R., Villanueva J.
Effective Reducibility of Quasiperiodic Linear Equations close to Constant Coefficients (40K, LaTeX) Jan 19, 95
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Abstract. Let us consider the differential equation $$ \dot{x}=(A+\varepsilon Q(t,\varepsilon))x, \;\;\;\; |\varepsilon|\le\varepsilon_0, $$ where $A$ is an elliptic constant matrix and $Q$ depends on time in a quasiperiodic (and analytic) way. It is also assumed that the eigenvalues of $A$ and the basic frequencies of $Q$ satisfy a diophantine condition. Then it is proved that this system can be reduced to $$ \dot{y}=(A^{*}(\varepsilon)+\varepsilon R^{*}(t,\varepsilon))y, \;\;\;\; |\varepsilon|\le\varepsilon_0, $$ where $R^{*}$ is exponentially small in $\varepsilon$, and the linear change of variables that performs such reduction is also quasiperiodic with the same basic frequencies than $Q$. The results are illustrated and discussed in a practical example.

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