94-398 Keller G. , Kopper Ch.
Renormalizability Proof for QED based on Flow Equations (109K, TeX) Dec 17, 94
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Abstract. We prove the perturbative renormalizability of Euclidean $QED_4$ using flow equations, i.e. with the aid of the Wilson renormalization group adapted to perturbation theory. As compared to $\Phi^4_4$ the additional difficulty to overcome is that the regularization violates gauge invariance. We prove that there exists a class of renormalization conditions such that the renormalized Green functions satisfy the QED Ward identities and such that they are infrared finite at nonexceptional momenta. We give bounds on the singular behaviour at exceptional momenta (due to the massless photon) and comment on the adaptation to the case when the fermions are also massless.

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