94-363 Petritis D.
Equilibrium statistical mechanics of frustrated spin glasses: a survey of mathematical results (351K, postscript) Nov 23, 94
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Abstract. After a rapid introduction to the physical motivations and a succinct presentation of heuristic results, this survey summarises the main mathematical results known on the Edwards-Anderson and the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick models of spin glasses. Although not complete proofs but rather sketches of the relevant steps and important ideas are given, only results for which complete proofs are known --- and for which the author has been able to reproduce all the intermediate logical steps --- are presented in the sections entitled `mathematical results'. This paper is intended to both physicists, interested to know which articles among the multitude of papers published on the subject go beyond the heuristic arguments to obtain rigorous irrefutable results, but also to the mathematicians, interested in finding out how rich is the physical intuitive way of thinking and in being inspired by the heuristic results in view of a mathematical rigorisation. An extended, but not exhaustive, bibliography is included.

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