94-217 Cassandro, R., Marra R., Presutti, E.
Corrections to the critical temperature in 2d Ising systems with Kac potentials (23K, TeX) Jun 29, 94
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Abstract. We consider a $d=2$ Ising system with a Kac potential whose mean field critical temperature is 1. Calling $\gam>0$ the Kac parameter, we prove that there exists $c^\star>0$ so that the true inverse critical temperature $\beta_{\text{cr}}(\gam)> 1 + b \gam^2\log\gam^{-1}$, for any $b<c^\star$ and $\gam$ correspondingly small. We also show that if $\gam\to 0$ and $b\to c^\star$, suitably, then the correlation functions (normalized and rescaled) converge to those of a non trivial Euclidean field theory.

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