94-121 Vladimir V. Kisil.
No More Than Mechanics. I. Plain Mechanics: Classical and Quantum Mechanics as Well (36K, LaTeX2e) May 2, 94
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Abstract. One can introduce so-called {\em Plain Mechanics\/} having an {\bf operator realization}. Then the set of one-dimension representations of this operator realization may be identified with the Classical Mechanics. Different irreducible infinite-dimension representations may be recognized as Quantum Mechanics for different $\hbar$ (the Planck constant). It can be done in the such manner that the following diagram will be commutative. Plain Mechanics / \ / \ / \ \/ \/ Quantum Mechanics -------> Classical Mechanics h->0 Here the horizontal arrow is well known correspondence between Quantum and Classical Mechanics if Planck constant tensing to zero. A {\em realization\/} of this scheme for a particle in $n$-dimensional space by two-sided convolutions on the Heisenberg group is constructed. We also introduce the {\em motion equations\/} for observables in this realization. The left arrow of the given diagram carries this equation to the Heisenberg one and the right arrow maps it to the Hamilton equation.

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