93-307 Hal Tasaki
Uniqueness of Ground State in Exactly Solvable Hubbard, Periodic Anderson, and Emery Models (26K, LaTeX) Nov 24, 93
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Abstract. We study the exactly solvable strongly interacting electron models recently introduced by Brandt and Giesekus, and further generalized by other authors. For a very general class of models, including the Hubbard, the periodic Anderson, and the Emery models with certain hopping matrices and infinitely large on-site Coulomb repulsion on d-sites, we prove that the known exact ground sate is indeed the unique ground state for a certain electron number. The uniqueness guarantees that one can discuss physics of various strongly interacting electron systems by analyzing the exact ground states. (This file lacks the figure. I also mail a PS version of the same paper with the figure.)

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