93-19 Sadun L.
A Symmetric Family of Yang-Mills Fields (118K, AmSTeX 2.1) Jan 25, 93
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Abstract. We examine a family of finite energy $SO(3)$ Yang-Mills connections over $S^4$, indexed by two real parameters. This family includes both smooth connections (when both parameters are odd integers), and connections with a holonomy singularity around 1 or 2 copies of $RP^2$. These singular YM connections interpolate between the smooth solutions. Depending on the parameters, the curvature may be self-dual, anti-self-dual, or neither. For the (anti)self-dual connections, we compute the formal dimension of the moduli space. For the non-self-dual connections we examine the second variation of the Yang-Mills functional, and count the negative and zero eigenvalues. Each component of the non-self-dual moduli space appears to consist only of conformal copies of a single solution.

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